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When Using Technology is The Crime

Hello again Dear Reader,
Today I’d like to follow up on a Blog from October titled ‘Fantasising Online. Is it a Crime?’. 
If you haven’t read it, might be worth hitting pause here and going back for a read. I can wait.

Ok, in that Blog I posed the question to you, the reader, as to whether fantasising about depraved and illegal issues is a crime in itself. 
If I fantasise online with other like minded adults about committing an illegal activity, but don’t initiate any actions or plans to follow through on my fantasies, have I already committed a crime?
Well, now I can provide an update.
Australian journalist Ben McCormack was sentenced today on child pornography charges. He received a three year good behaviour bond and a $1000 fine for having filthy and depraved discussions online with another adult male. He received no jail term, but still has a conviction and will be a registered sex offender.
Now, here I have to take a bit of a quick legal diversion. Sorry. McCormack pleaded guilty to two…