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Forbidden Love - A Poem for our Times

Hello again Dear Reader,

No rant today. Yep, for today's blog I thought I'd like to share a poem I started writing last year. Not perfect yet, still a draft, but thought with the current Australian domestic agenda it might be worth sharing. And yes, for those who notice a similarity, it is based on the classic 1871 poem by Edward Lear, 'The Owl and the Pussycat'. I hope you enjoy.

Forbidden Love

The owl and the pussycat went to sea
Their lives had gone to hell
No time to pack for all their needs
No need for fare-the-wells

In fear and haste they sailed forth
No breeze to fair their way
No bulging sail, no GPS
No time to chart their way

‘It’s not fair’, the pussycat said
To the owl who loved her so
‘Why should we be the ones to leave?’
‘Why is our love not for show?’

‘Calm my love’, the owl replied
To the pussycat oh so dear
‘They don’t understand love like ours
Love precious and blessed, though queer’

So the owl and the pussycat sailed away
Nevermore to see their home
Through storms and depths and winds so great
Through waves and salt and foam

And then one day it came to pass
The storms they could not flee
The boat was torn, their hope was gone
And no more would they be

The owl and pussycat fled their home
Their lives betrayed by thee
But their love was blessed and on it lives
Below the deep blue sea

by Paul Hunt


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