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Fantasising online. Is it a crime?

Hello again Dear Reader,
Today I would like to start by offering you a hypothetical. Let's pretend that you are a senior judge in your country's judicial system (and if you really are, just go along with it!).
A person has been brought before you charged with a serious crime. After a thorough investigation by the police, this person was found to have engaged in online discussions with like-minded adult individuals in chat rooms where they discussed their desires and fantasies for carrying out acts of the most vile and unspeakable type. Acts which if carried out or if even only planned would clearly be illegal under your country's criminal law code.Now, this person has not to date acted on any of these depraved fantasies, has not carried out any overt planning that would tend to indicate their intention to commit this act soon, but has spoken of their desire to do these things online on numerous occasions over a long period.
You are the sole decider of this person's fate b…

Remember, we only kill Black People

Hello again Dear Reader, If you've been following my blogs, you probably know by now that I usually like to be nice and rational in my blogs (well I try to anyway), just flow along and rely on the evidence to gently lead you to what I hope is a logical conclusion. Without emotion yeah. Purely objective. Usually. However.
But sometimes I get cranky and just have to raise my hand and call out hatred and plain old bigotry for what it is...evil. And yes folks, that's exactly what I mean and exactly how I feel right about now. I'm confused, I'm amazed and I'm bloody angry.
For those of you who read my blogs (do you exist?), you know I'm a big fan of the USA, it's people, it's culture and it's total acceptance of us Aussies in their land. So, how do you think I feel when I watch a for real video of an American Police Officer saying to a white, female civilian at a traffic stop, 'Remember, we only kill black people'?
What the hell? Did you really…

Forbidden Love - A Poem for our Times

Hello again Dear Reader,
No rant today. Yep, for today's blog I thought I'd like to share a poem I started writing last year. Not perfect yet, still a draft, but thought with the current Australian domestic agenda it might be worth sharing. And yes, for those who notice a similarity, it is based on the classic 1871 poem by Edward Lear, 'The Owl and the Pussycat'. I hope you enjoy.Forbidden LoveThe owl and the pussycat went to sea
Their lives had gone to hell
No time to pack for all their needs
No need for fare-the-wellsIn fear and haste they sailed forth
No breeze to fair their way
No bulging sail, no GPS
No time to chart their way‘It’s not fair’, the pussycat said
To the owl who loved her so
‘Why should we be the ones to leave?’
‘Why is our love not for show?’‘Calm my love’, the owl replied
To the pussycat oh so dear
‘They don’t understand love like ours
Love precious and blessed, though queer’So the owl and the pussycat sailed away
Nevermore to see their home
Through st…

Sometimes the Law is just Plain Stupid

Caution: Sensitive Material discussed below. Welcome Dear Reader, Today I'd like to chat with you about the sheer stupidity of some of our laws. To set the scene, let me tell you a story....and unfortunately it's all true.
Last year in Texas, the good ol' Lone Star State in the US of A, a 51 year old man was slapped with a felony charge of 'sexual performance by a child and possession of child pornography'. The man was caught after an investigation by the Houston Independent School District police found inappropriate messages and lewd photos of a 17 year old girl on his phone. Well done, I say, to the Police. Let's give him a fair trial and if he's found guilty, send his sorry ass to some skanky ol prison where he gets to see what it's like to be the victim of abuse for a change.
But wait, there's more. Apparently, it was even worse. Not only was he 'sexting' this girl, but he was also in an intimate relationship with her. Ok, now that's…

Where is the Love?

Hey there Dear Reader,Well, the results are in. Australia has decided!
Yes, yes and yes. Australia has delivered a landmark decision on....what?
If you recall, the Same Sex Marriage Survey was recently completed. It asked the Australian population ‘Should the Law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry’.  Seems straight forward yeah. Approximately 61.6% of respondents voted ‘YES’. So there we go, no problem, guys and girls can now get married to whoever they want. As they say, ‘Love is Love’.

Well, it’s not that simple really. Sorry.
The law as it stands is based on the 2004 amended Marriage Act, which states that marriage is ‘the union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life’. And there’s a bit more from the original 1961 Marriage Act that tells you who else can or can’t get married. 
So, as it stands, the following people can’t get married in Australia:
1.  Same sex couples 2.  Anyone under 18 (special circumstances 16 can be authorised) …

Australian Politicians. When Ignorance of the Law is Fair Enough.

'Hi Officer, is everything ok?'
'Sir, I pulled you over because I just clocked you doing 110 in a 60 zone.'
'Oh, I'm sorry Officer, I didn't realise it was a 60 zone and I didn't know what speed I was doing.'
'Oh, that's ok then. But next time we would appreciate it if you knew the road laws and abided by them. Have a nice day Sir.'Hello again Dear Reader,As you may have guessed, the conversation above is one you are very unlikely to hear on any road anywhere in Australia. Highway Patrol Police Officers are in general rather inflexible when it comes to citizens breaking the road rules. And ignorance of the rules or the breach is a long stretch when you're trying to get off paying the fine. As a matter of fact, it's a commonly heard phrase in Australian legal circles that 'Ignornace of the Law is no Excuse',So how the hell is it that when our much loved and hard working politicians break the law, they can use that very 'I…

Discrimination is a bad thing right? Or is it?

Hello again Dear Reader,
So, do we all agree that discrimination is basically a no-no? That in the 21st century we have evolved enough to say that discriminating against someone based on their gender, sexuality, race, religion or age is pretty much a crap thing to do.We've had so many bloody years of people being treated poorly due to any number of reasons that we applaude any action taken to address the negatives that still exist in pockets through our society. So it was with a bit of frustration that I noted the following headline in our national media yesterday (and no, not a trash tabloid but a fair dinkum outlet):AFP announces female-only recruit round

Now to set the context, you have to know that the AFP has stated that the current female proportion of 22% of the workforce is not acceptable and that they aim to increase that level to 50% over the next decade. Fair enough I say. There's probably a whole swag of strategies that could be employed to increase the level, in par…