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A Day in the Life of....

Welcome Reader,

Greetings to my new Blog. Real glad you came here.

First, if you want/need to know who I am, that's easy, check me out on Facebook. Yes, I know, took me forever to get on it or any form of social/electronic media. But,as they say in the classics, 'The World has moved on' (thank you Stephen King), and so have I.....eventually.

My gorgeous wife will likely tell you that I've taken to this new form of electronic, new aged communication so well that I do it far better than in real life. But then again, that wouldn't be too difficult!

So, why am I here,what's the point of this blog? Well, that's easy....I like to rant. I like to rant about things, and the absence of things, so much that it pretty much seems to fill the space between my ears probably (insert definitely) more than it should. So, after hummin and hawing for way too long, I finally agreed with those constant advisors in my life that it might be an idea to put those constant, nagging thoughts on paper and in so doing rid me of their gravity.

So, that's what this is about. An outlet that allows me the opportunity to release the valve on so many issues throughout our crazy world that need at least one more voice to give them an avenue for discussion. Oh, and also just being able to allow a glimpse into a day in the life of a middle aged, newly retired white guy in Australia. Yep, its quite possible that some of my blogs may not even be a rant....but something almost, but not quite, pleasurable.

Ok, now to admin and advisories.

I welcome feedback, positive or negative makes no difference. As long as it can encourage further discussion it's all good.

Now, its quite likely that some (or many) of my views may not sit all that well with any number of my readers. This may be the result of my poor ability to accurately describe my view or the rationale that supports this view. For that, I apologise and will agree with your criticism. There should never be any excuse for poor argument. Others may disagree with me even though (on the rare occasion) I have put forward a critical, well balanced argument based on accepted evidence. For that, I am more than happy to engage in robust, critical and objective debate.

Who knows, I might even be able to produce a better blog as a result of your feedback. Well, that's what I'm hoping for anyway.

Now, what I wont accept:

Bullying, demeaning and humiliating language

Blind subjective opinion dressed up as debate

Foul language inappropriate to the discussion

And obviously.....anything else that would upset the authorities or Big Brother

Thanks for reading this far, you could have been doing something else! Hope to see you real soon. Or at least when I get moving and post my first real blog. Teaser....the issue, Same Sex Marriage debate in Australia.

Cheers 😎


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